16 Gram Diamond & Gold Necklace Designs With Price & Weight (2018)

Diamond & Gold Necklaces in 16 Grams of Gold Showcased in this video, displaying these beautiful pieces in all their dazzling glory. These pieces are from Bluestone Jewellers in India and Prices & Weights are accurate as of the date this video was published.

These 4 16 Gram Gold Necklaces can be found on Bluestone.com.

1. Freida 22kt Plain Gold Necklace in 15.52 Grams Gold.
2. Blandina Ruby & Diamond Necklace in 14.54 Grams of Gold – 0.412 Carat Diamond.
3. Kunica Diamond & Gold Necklace in 16.77 Grams Gold – 1.548 Carat Diamond.
4. Asira Diamond & Gold Necklace in 16.5 Grams of Gold – 0.908 Carat Diamonds.

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