50 to 59 Gram Yellow Gold Necklace Designs with Price & Weight

Find stunning 50 to 59 Grams Gold Necklace Designs at DGEXP Fashion, for investment purposes, special occasions or likely both. We have a selection of high-quality yellow gold necklace designs  in 50 grams to 59 grams from Indian Jewellers. Prices are listed in Indian Rupees (INR, RS.). These designs are made with 22kt gold and we are showcasing ones from WHP Jewellers Traditional Gold Necklace Collection and Joyalukkas Veda Collection.

WHP Jewellers

Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers is a renowned brand for expensive and high-quality Indian Jewellery, with the following Gold Necklace Designs a testament to that. Although not as popular as the likes of BlueStone or Tanishq Jewellery, the quality that oozes from WHP Jewellers Gold Necklaces is clear to see.

As with most Indian Jewellers an excellent return policy and buyback schemes are offered as follows:

  • Gold Jewellery Items may be returned within 10 days from purchase.
  • 90% Buyback Value is offered on Gold Products in WHP Stores across India.

Purchasing WHP Jewellers 50-59 Gm Gold Necklaces via Amazon India is the same as through a store itself, with the added convenience of Amazons infrastructure and ease of payments/returns.


Joyalukkas is a popular and trusted online Jeweller based in India, it has a presence across the world in 11 countries including the UK, USA, Kuwait, Oman and more. Joyalukkas Jewellery is under the umbrella of the Joyalukkas Group which is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate which covers business interests in Money exchange, fashion, malls and of course Jewellery.

Current Schemes Offered

  • Gold Jewellery Items may be returned within 10 days from purchase.
  • Offers an exchange and buyback scheme on some products – check individual product descriptions.

58 Gram 22KT WHP Jewellers Yellow Gold Necklace Design for Women (Traditional Necklace Collection)

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 57.65 gms

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A nice piece from WHP made with almost 58 grams of solid 22K Gold and using a traditional Indian style. This Necklace has a length of 180mm and is 17mm in width, its packed in a Velvet Case and will be delivered securely in a tamper-proof package. A great piece of investment jewellery with a 90% buyback value scheme available at WHP stores across India.

56 Gram WHP Jewellers 22k (916) Gold Necklace Design from Traditional Necklace Collection

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 55.8 Gms

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A traditional piece from WHP Jewellers that is sure to draw attention at weddings and special occasions. Look the part with this 56 Gram yellow gold necklace, a great piece of investment jewellery with great schemes provided by WHP Stores.

55 Gram 22k (916) Yellow Gold Chain Necklace Design by WHP Jewellers from Traditional Necklace Collection

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 55 Gms

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Another example of the Traditional Gold Necklace Collection from WHP, this uses a multi-strand chain design for those looking for something traditional and beyond a standard chain necklace. Coming in at 55 grams this is a weighty chain necklace that’s sure to meet the requirements of Jewellery investors and wealthy individuals alike.

51 Gram Gold 22k (916) Yellow Gold Traditional Indian Necklace Design by Joyalukkas from Veda Collection

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 50.93 Gms

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Joyalukkas brings forth its first entry into the high value and weighty Gold Necklace category, and unique it is. With pearl-like balls of solid 22kt gold, with beautiful leaf style additions, finished with a stunning pendant. Its a lengthy piece coming in at 405mm and a width of 497mm.

50 Gram Joyalukkas Veda Collection 22k (916) Oxidized Gold Necklace Design

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 50.66 Gms

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A simple and elegant oxidized gold necklace from Joyalukkas, complex close up yet simple at a distance. A beautiful combination and an excellent example from the Veda Collection.

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