60-70 Gram Yellow Gold Necklace Designs in India with Price & Weight

Find stunning 60 to 70 Gram Gold Necklace Designs at DGEXP Fashion, for investment purposes, special occasions or likely both. We have a selection of 60 to 70-gram high-quality yellow gold necklace designs from Indian Jewellers. Prices are listed in Indian Rupees (INR, RS.). These are made with 22k gold and the only offerings currently are from WHP Jewellers, Senco Gold & Diamonds and Joyalukkas.

WHP Jewellers

Waman Hari Pethe Jewellers is a renowned brand for expensive and high-quality Indian Jewellery, with the following Gold Necklace Designs a testament to that. Although not as popular as the likes of BlueStone or Tanishq Jewellery, the quality that oozes from WHP Jewellers Gold Necklaces is clear to see.

As with most Indian Jewellers an excellent return policy and buyback schemes are offered as follows:

  • Gold Jewellery Items may be returned within 10 days from purchase
  • 90% Buyback Value is offered on Gold Products in WHP Stores across India

Purchasing WHP Jewellers 60-70 Gm Gold Necklaces via Amazon India adds incredible convenience and is the same as buying from the retailer itself

Senco Gold

  • Beginning: ‘Senco Gold and Diamonds is a company with more than 80 years of legacy. It was founded in Dacca in 1938, by late Sri M.C Sen, who started it as Senco Jewellers. After M.C Sen the company passed on to his sons. His son, Mr. Prabhat Chand Sen, started his own store in Bowbazar, and gradually made way for 2 more branches. In 1979, his son, Mr. Shaankar Sen, stepped in and helped the family business to grow.’
  • Vision:  ‘To  be  one  of  the most  reputed  organizations  promoting  handcrafted  products  across  the  world, preserving  art  and  creativity  through  our  merchandise,  and  aiding  the  growth and happiness   of  all  our  stakeholders.’

Senco Gold is a popular Indian Jewellery brand that brings beautiful and aesthetically pleasing Gold Necklace Designs to the world, renowned for their balance of quality & excellent prices.

Current Schemes Offered by Senco Gold

  • Gold Jewellery Items may be returned within 10 days from purchase
  • Doesn’t offer exchange or buyback scheme

70 Gram 22KT WHP Jewellers Yellow Gold Traditional Chain Necklace Design for Women

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 68.95 gms

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An exquisite piece from WHP Jewellers, a chain necklace of the highest quality ready to bring joy and splendour to the lucky buyer or your special other. A minimum gold weight of 68.95 gms makes this a high quality and heavy piece, great for long-term investment and occasional wear. Certainly expensive but an option for the Jewellery investor or even a high roller looking for a special yet traditional plain look.

68 Gram Joyalukkas 22k Oxidised Yellow Gold Necklace Design from Veda Collection

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 68.35 Gms

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An Oxidised Gold Necklace Design from the Joyalukkas Veda Collection, one of the most impressive of the collection in terms of pure weight coming in at 68.35 grams of 22k Yellow Gold. This will set you back a bit but look at it, just beautiful and the photo itself is special in itself. Maybe there is no need to purchase, just browse and enjoy 😉

60 Gram 22k (916) Yellow Gold Multi-Strand Necklace Design by WHP Jewellers

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 59.11 Gms

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Another beautiful piece from WHP Jewellers, a Multi-Strand Necklace made from close to 60 grams of 22k Gold. Expertly crafted by this Premium Jeweller. Beautiful Traditional Indian Jewellery Design, look great and keep your tradition with this piece.

63 Gram Senco Gold 22k (916) Yellow Gold Multi-Strand Necklace Design

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 63.02 Gms

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Our first example of a Senco Gold Necklace Design in the 60 to 70-gram weight category, and most certainly a standout piece covering the neck area in a stunning way. Giving a traditional shining yellow gold mane. This piece has a weight of 63 grams which is more than the previous design yet significantly cheaper than the one from WHP.

62 Gram Senco Gold 22k (916) Flower Patterned Yellow Gold Multi-Strand Necklace Design

  • Yellow Gold Weight = 62.81 Gms

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My personal favourite of this selection of Necklace Jewellery Designs, a great value piece from Senco Gold with it weighing in at 62.81 grams and being the cheapest of the bunch. It looks absolutely stunning and would make the perfect investment Jewellery, with the obvious option of wearing it for special occasions.

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