Designer Bluestone Gold Jhumkas Earring Designs (2018)

Find Beautiful Jhumka Earrings from BlueStone India, Find Prices & Weights on Bluestone. You can find more information about these Jhumka Designs and more at the links below.

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A stunning example from this selection of Designer Jhumka Earrings is Below.

Gold & Diamond Drop Jhumka Earrings Design

  • Brand = Bluestone
  • Gold Weight = 4.4737 Grams
  • Diamond Weight = 0.172 Carats

BlueStone 14K Yellow Gold and Diamond Drop Earrings

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  • This product can be returned in 10 days. Exchange and Buyback may be available offline as per the seller/brand policy
  • These earrings are made from 14k gold
  • Product length is 24.95 mm and width is 12.04 mm
  • The earrings have been adorned with real diamonds
  • Diamond carat 0.19, color IJ, very good stone cut, with SI clarity

Product Description

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