Light Weight Gold Necklace Designs in 10 Grams with Price and Weight

Explore a selection of Gold Necklace Designs in 10 Grams, all Necklaces are shown with Price & Weight

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These Gold Necklaces are perfect, being lightweight so easy to wear daily due to them being around 10 grams in weight or under.

These designs are certainly beautiful with many of them using the traditional ethnic styling of India, with intricate patterns that help them to stand out from the rest while remaining competitive in pricing at under 50,000 Indian Rupees in Price.

Most of the Gold Necklaces under 10 grams are from Senco Gold, with their reputation for craftsmanship known across India. These designs are sure to dazzle and so if you find one you like or wish to take a look at a larger range of 10 Gram Gold Necklace Designs visit the Shop Now button above.

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